Who we are

Malta Dairy Products Ltd. (M.D.P.) is the leading processing dairy plant on the Maltese islands. M.D.P. processes, packs and distributes fresh liquid milk and milk products originating solely from the Maltese islands. Fresh milk is collected every day from around 63 farms in Malta and another 33 in Gozo. The milk is not sterilised but simply pasteurised to retain its fresh taste and quality. The brand name “Benna” originates from the Maltese word “bnin”, meaning wholesome, and refers to the high nutrient value of fresh milk products. M.D.P.’s principal product is fresh drinking milk with a range of fat contents and flavours. M.D.P. also produces yogurts, cream and a range of cheeses including Mozzarella and the traditional Maltese favourites such as irkotta and cheeselets (ġbejniet). In 2017, M.D.P. launched the much awaited Benna Butter in both salted and unsalted versions.

For consumers who are lactose-intolerant, Benna also launched its Lactose-Free range consisting of fresh milk, yogurt and the recently launched irkotta. Thanks to this range, consumers who are intolerant to lactose can once again enjoy fresh milk as an integral part of their healthy daily lifestyle.

The dairy plant is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Product safety and quality are at the heart of the company’s culture and relentless pursuit to ensure that all its products are produced in a hygienic and efficient manner. Investment in new equipment and machinery is ongoing as a result of M.D.P.’s commitent towards quality and continuous improvement to meet the everchanging consumer needs.

M.D.P. currently employs around 120 full-time employees both in Malta and Gozo. The main operation is in Ħamrun, Malta. A collection center in Xewkija, Gozo collects milk from Gozitan farmers in the morning and sends the milk to Ħamrun in the afternoon. Benna products are distributed every morning throughout the islands by 40 self-employed distributors. This system is very efficient and ensures that customers are provided with fresh milk and other dairy products on a daily basis.